Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bike to Work Day 2011

Yes, it was a good Bike to Work Day. My Nineteenth. Wearing my well preserved 1993 Bike to Work Day T-Shirt, I biked, trained, trained, then biked to work. The fine UCSD assembly awaited me, with lots of riders, vendors, and staffers welcoming me. I chatted with long-time riding companions and got, not only a t-shirt, but a prize, a bold cup of coffee, and a couple of tasty treats. No beers, however, but it's bike to work after all.

Later, Starla of singlespeedsanity fame stopped in, and updated me on her defense, which is May 26th. Afterwards, she departs to Munich to ride to Athens. She'll let you know how many speeds it takes.

Next was Ride Home from Work Day, and the weather and wind was perfect. I had no desire to shoot pictures, so you'll have to take my word for it. Monday rolled around quickly, and I took my truck in for service, then rode the remaining 2/3rds of the way to work. It was an awful, damp headwind I rode into, but the return trip had a reverse of the wind, and I collected my serviced truck in a satisfied way. However, this meant I didn't have my bike at Sorrento Valley, so I rode Tuesday to Oceanside Transit Center and loaded the Heron on the Coaster. I stopped on the way to snap a pic of the latest mural for my bud Katie:

The Heron and I made it to Sorrento Valley, then to work and back. Secured in it's locker, I double-trained, then cycled, home. All bikes were now pre-positioned for the rest of the week, and with plenty of "barley pop" in hand, we'll get through it.


  1. Barley pop. Heh-heh. Well-deserved barley pop, 'eh?

  2. Hey thanks for the mural pic--will post a link on my blog too!